Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road Trip Part 1

So we departed yesterday morning around 9am for our annual 2 day trek down to the Florida Keys from New Jersey. I'm shocked to report nothing too eventful. Usually we have a few good stories but everyone was well behaved, happy and enjoying the ride ( it was an alternate universe I wish I could live in permanently). We drove straight until 11:30pm which put us in Savannah GA our usual stopover. Things got a little interesting once inside the hotel room(which I inspected for about a half hour before bringing Ty in). Of course my son decided to be wide awake the second I was ready for bed and insisted I sit next to his bed on the couch. I tried sneaking a pillow over to lay down but was greeted with "momma whatcha doing SIT) the little slave driver. About 2 hrs later he passed out enough for me to crash for a few hours. First thing in the AM ... Back on the road, but today is already shaping up to be ride from hell. Stay tuned for the grumpy,tired,joyful, I may kill my husband day 2 report.

Please pardon any typos as I am typing on the bumpy roads of I95

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