Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh you creepy little bastard

Seriously WTF is wrong with children. Do they all come programmed to say poltergeist like shit. If crap like this continues I know lots of people would do anything to have a healthy little American boy , even if he's a package deal with his ghost entourage.

After repeated  mommy call outs like nails on a chalkboard I casually stroll into the kids room and here is what takes place

Me- Whats the matter?
Kid- shut my night light 
Me-ok why?
Kid- I'm scared , it makes shadows
Me- I know I'm standing in front of it that's what happens when you stand in front of it.
Kid - Well, I like those shadows just not the ones that come on their own.

Excuse me while I get a fresh pair of undies and call a realtor

 Does this scary ass stuff happen to anyone else or should I start bogarting  Holy water at mass ?

Epic Fail

So like most things I start off gun ho about my blog then it takes a tumble down the crapper. It has been an insane long time since I have even looked at this thing .Really it is my own fault for falling into the sense of "wow I can have a life still"  when my son was obviously going through the only down time he would ever experience in his 4 yrs of life. Whatever I'm not dwelling on it , it will probably happen again so let's enjoy it while it lasts.
  I am continuing on a new post so It looks like I'm at least trying . Come check it out I have loads of inappropriate  stuff I talk about .

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road Trip Part 1

So we departed yesterday morning around 9am for our annual 2 day trek down to the Florida Keys from New Jersey. I'm shocked to report nothing too eventful. Usually we have a few good stories but everyone was well behaved, happy and enjoying the ride ( it was an alternate universe I wish I could live in permanently). We drove straight until 11:30pm which put us in Savannah GA our usual stopover. Things got a little interesting once inside the hotel room(which I inspected for about a half hour before bringing Ty in). Of course my son decided to be wide awake the second I was ready for bed and insisted I sit next to his bed on the couch. I tried sneaking a pillow over to lay down but was greeted with "momma whatcha doing SIT) the little slave driver. About 2 hrs later he passed out enough for me to crash for a few hours. First thing in the AM ... Back on the road, but today is already shaping up to be ride from hell. Stay tuned for the grumpy,tired,joyful, I may kill my husband day 2 report.

Please pardon any typos as I am typing on the bumpy roads of I95

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who doesn't love giveaways

HI everyone hope you are having an awesome day.  I am so excited to have my shop featured on Magical Memories Blog There's an awesome giveaway  going on right now .I'm going to write more later but for now get your butt's over there and check it out :)

Mommy of TY Decal Giveaway on Magical Memories

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The great vacation preparation begins. HELP

   So after being a mom for 2 1/2 yrs now I have still yet to master the "traveling light" method. Am I the only one? Don't get me wrong I've improved some. I no longer bring a suitcase to target for a diaper run anymore but vacation is a whole different story.

Every year my family goes to the Florida Keys for about 3 weeks. It sounds like a long time and expensive but the house is a friends so it really only costs us food and entertainment, oh and of course gas. We have yet to fly since having our son , I can be extremely neurotic you will find out. The drive from New Jersey to the very end of Florida is quite an adventure with a little one on board. I plan on blogging extensively on that trip ;)

 Let me get back to traveling light. This just does not happen. I try every year to bring less but I have really only succeeded in clever packing trickery. I make it "look" like I only packed 5 outfits for Ty instead of the normal 15, this makes my husband feel like I actually listened to him for once . Our secret :) I really do want to take less but I think its just impossible. I always have the "what if I need this" or "I could have used that" syndrome.

 I think I have to remember that I am going to Florida and not some undeveloped retreat where there isn't a Walmart right down the road .

 If you have any input please share it.WHat do you do to prepare? How do your trips usually go?
I am always looking for advise from parent's who road trip to make the ride a little easier ... and lighter.

Friday, March 25, 2011

So here I am blogging, o.k how did this happen?

   Really? A Blog? I used to be the type of person who made fun of bloggers ,always claiming they must have no life . Well in the immortal words of every parent ,"what goes around comes around" because here I am.
   I have no idea how to convince my son someday that I  used to indeed be cool. I promise , I really was.
I used to be a Pink haired Radio DJ. I hit every concert in the tri-state area and hung out with bands all the time. Nowadays  my only connection to bands are pretty much limited to "The Wiggles" .

Life happens and here we are a few years later in a whole new realm

 I joke but truthfully I adore my life. I have a wonderful husband who loves me to death and cracks me up daily and of course there's Ty(2 1/2). My son is hilarious. Besides being the light of my life he is my little best friend. Like his father, every day he cracks me up laughing and some days he just makes me almost crack (thats another blog in itself lol) Today he learned to say "awww come on" if I took too long answering his every beckon.

I will explain my family life, at great depths I'm sure, but right now I just wanted to dive in and finally get a blog up.

So here I am , The Mommy of Ty , waiting for the day to tell my son "I promise your Mom used to be cool "