Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh you creepy little bastard

Seriously WTF is wrong with children. Do they all come programmed to say poltergeist like shit. If crap like this continues I know lots of people would do anything to have a healthy little American boy , even if he's a package deal with his ghost entourage.

After repeated  mommy call outs like nails on a chalkboard I casually stroll into the kids room and here is what takes place

Me- Whats the matter?
Kid- shut my night light 
Me-ok why?
Kid- I'm scared , it makes shadows
Me- I know I'm standing in front of it that's what happens when you stand in front of it.
Kid - Well, I like those shadows just not the ones that come on their own.

Excuse me while I get a fresh pair of undies and call a realtor

 Does this scary ass stuff happen to anyone else or should I start bogarting  Holy water at mass ?

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