Saturday, March 26, 2011

The great vacation preparation begins. HELP

   So after being a mom for 2 1/2 yrs now I have still yet to master the "traveling light" method. Am I the only one? Don't get me wrong I've improved some. I no longer bring a suitcase to target for a diaper run anymore but vacation is a whole different story.

Every year my family goes to the Florida Keys for about 3 weeks. It sounds like a long time and expensive but the house is a friends so it really only costs us food and entertainment, oh and of course gas. We have yet to fly since having our son , I can be extremely neurotic you will find out. The drive from New Jersey to the very end of Florida is quite an adventure with a little one on board. I plan on blogging extensively on that trip ;)

 Let me get back to traveling light. This just does not happen. I try every year to bring less but I have really only succeeded in clever packing trickery. I make it "look" like I only packed 5 outfits for Ty instead of the normal 15, this makes my husband feel like I actually listened to him for once . Our secret :) I really do want to take less but I think its just impossible. I always have the "what if I need this" or "I could have used that" syndrome.

 I think I have to remember that I am going to Florida and not some undeveloped retreat where there isn't a Walmart right down the road .

 If you have any input please share it.WHat do you do to prepare? How do your trips usually go?
I am always looking for advise from parent's who road trip to make the ride a little easier ... and lighter.


  1. hello, new follower here, i found you on the Etsy team 'busy moms' forum!! Welcome to the world of blogging!

    We travel to Pa from Ia (20hrs) about every 18 mo. and I have learned to downsize ALOT, However, I still feel like we are moving when we start loading up a family of 6..
    here are a dew of the things I have learned: Summer time is always best! (much less clothes).
    as many one peice outfits as possible! (for my 3 daughters that means lots of dresses. if there are 2-3 piece outfits, I put the entire outfit, including underwear in a gal ziploc bag!
    I only take enough clothes to last us 4 days! I can always do laundry! and that is about the # of favorite outfits we have anyway.. otherwise I have a suitcase full of clean clothes and I am doing laundry anyway because we want our favorite items.
    oh dear, this is getting preachy.. 1 more tip, I only pack enough diapers to get us there. I then buy some once we get there!! :)

  2. I have a problem too...I usually pack so light that I forget lots of stuff! I agree with everything Ruth Anne says :)
    I also try to only pack one pair of shoes for the kids if I can. Crocs are great because they are pretty versatile.
    Good luck!
    Oh yeah..found you on the busy moms team :)

  3. i try and act like i follow my hubby's advice too lol! and no advice as i gave up on traveling after my last lame attempt!

  4. You would think it would get easier, but I have a teen and a tween and when we drive to the beach every summer it's just as packed, only now with skim boards and "big kid" toys. HA! Congrats on your new blog... new follower from the EtsyMom team, come visit me!

  5. Ha...welcome to blogging!
    I used to think like you...bloggers have no life! LOL!
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  6. New Follower from etsymom!

    I have the same problem - I have gotten better and no longer take a suitcase full of toys. We downsized from a SUV to a hatchback this year - should be interesting when we travel to Florida from Ohio later this year! I read a tip recently that said to pack in the big vacuum bags, the person said they got what normally would go in 9 suitcases in 3! I am thinking about trying it.
    good luck and have a great trip!

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  10. Thank You everyone :) Ive been soooo slacking lol Ill be writing tonight I could use a good vent session :)