Friday, March 25, 2011

So here I am blogging, o.k how did this happen?

   Really? A Blog? I used to be the type of person who made fun of bloggers ,always claiming they must have no life . Well in the immortal words of every parent ,"what goes around comes around" because here I am.
   I have no idea how to convince my son someday that I  used to indeed be cool. I promise , I really was.
I used to be a Pink haired Radio DJ. I hit every concert in the tri-state area and hung out with bands all the time. Nowadays  my only connection to bands are pretty much limited to "The Wiggles" .

Life happens and here we are a few years later in a whole new realm

 I joke but truthfully I adore my life. I have a wonderful husband who loves me to death and cracks me up daily and of course there's Ty(2 1/2). My son is hilarious. Besides being the light of my life he is my little best friend. Like his father, every day he cracks me up laughing and some days he just makes me almost crack (thats another blog in itself lol) Today he learned to say "awww come on" if I took too long answering his every beckon.

I will explain my family life, at great depths I'm sure, but right now I just wanted to dive in and finally get a blog up.

So here I am , The Mommy of Ty , waiting for the day to tell my son "I promise your Mom used to be cool "


  1. Hi stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. I just followed you follow me back at

  2. Thanks for stopping by :) will do

  3. Once your son becomes a teenager, his perspective might change and you might hear him bragging about how his mom used to be a radio DJ. :) That IS pretty cool!

  4. Does Ty like The Fresh Beat Band in nick jr?? My daughter Emily loves them. Pink hair huh??? lol it's funny how things change.

  5. Cute blog! I look forward to reading more! I also have young boys (they will be 1 and 3 this June)...I'm not sure I was ever cool though! LOL

  6. I'm now following all of you too :) great blogs I see why this is so addicting now lol
    @miso ohhhhh the fresh beat band ha ha . Yes I get to rock out to them daily. I usually try to pick out wich one of them will be the next Miley ;)

    @unique are both your boys extra energized like mine, I have no idea how he does it ;)